ACL 2020

Dialog Comments

Recursive Template-based Frame Generation for Task Oriented Dialog

Unknown Intent Detection using Gaussian Mixture Model with an application to Zero-shot Intent Classification

Multi-Domain Dialog Acts and Response Co-Generation

A Contextual Hierarchical Attention Network with Adaptive Objective for DST


A Generative Model for Joint NLU & G

What does BERT with Vision Look At? (VisualBERT)

Image Chat: Engaging Grounded Conversations

Adversarial NLI: A New Benchmark for NLU


Enabling Language Models To Fill in the Blanks

BLEURT: Learning Robust Metrics for Text Generation

Dialogue Dodecathlon: Open Domain Knowledge and Image Grounded Conversational Agents

Reverse Engineering Configurations of Neural Text Generation Models

Span-ConverRT: Few-shot Span Extraction for Dialog with Pretrained Conversational Representations

Coach: A Coarse-to-Fine Approach for Cross-domain Slot Filling

MuTual: A dataset for Multi-Turn dialog reasoning

Conversational Word Embedding for Retrieval-Based Dialog System

Multimodal Transformer for Multimodal Machine Translation

Slot Consistent NLG for Task-oriented Dialog Systems with Iterative Rectification Network

Stanza - A Python NLP Toolkit for Many Human Languages

Photon: A Robust Cross-Domain Text-to-SQL System

Efficient DST by selectively overwriting memory

Improving Low-Resource NER using Joint Sentence and Token Labeling

Soft Gazetteers for Low-Resource NER

DeeBERT: Dynamic Early Exiting for Accelerating BERT Inference

TriggerNER: Learning with Entity Triggers as Explanations for NER

Climbing Towards NLU: On Meaning, Form and Understanding in the Age of Data

Beyond Accuracy: Behavioral Testing of NLP Methods with CheckList

ZeroShotCeres: Zero-Shot Relation Extraction from Semi-Structured Webpages

Prta: A system to support the analysis of Propaganda techniques in the News

Efficient Intent Detection with Dual Sentence Encoder

ClarQ: A large-scale and diverse dataset for Clarification Question Generation

Multilingual USE for Semantic Retrieval

TXtract: Taxonomy-Aware Knowledge Extraction for Thousands of Product Categories

MobileBERT: A Compact Task-Agnostic BERT for Resource-Limited Devices

Improving Slot Filling by Utilizing Contextual Information

Learning to Classify Intents and Slot Labels Given a Handful of Examples

Curriculum Learning for NLU

Asking and Answering Questions to Evaluate the Factual Consistency of Summaries

Intermediate-Task Transfer Learning with Pre-trained Language Models: When and Why Does It Work?

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